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FSC® Certification

Since November 2014, the company has been granted an FSC® certificate. The FSC® chain of custody certification promotes responsible forest use and ensures the protection of biodiversity in forests by securing both transparency in forest management and the transparent production and marketing of forestry products. I also ensures that a mechanism exists to allow users to purchase finished products originating from sustainably managed forests. The FSC® certificate not only helps to meet the market’s needs, but also increases the company’s responsibility in protecting the world’s forests.

22930-Certificate - 2014-2023 en

Strongest in Lithuania 2014 – 2023 and Strongest in Lithuania Managers 2016

These are certificates confirming that the company and its managers are reliable, and that it performs its obligations on time. This means that there is a high likelihood that the company will meet its financial obligations. The most important evaluation criterion that is used in awarding a certification as the Strongest in Lithuania 2014 -2023 or the Strongest in Lithuania managers 2014 – 2016 is a high credit rating, which indicates a low predicted statistical probability of default in 90 days or more over the next 12 months. Corporate creditworthiness is assessed and a rating is determined according to the company’s credit history (financial obligations and payment history), financial results and their changes (income, profits, liquidity, equity, etc.), including business links, property seizures, sector condition and other information.