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About us


Medieva, UAB was founded in 2010. In 2011, the company implemented an investment project and installed

a modern new round timber processing line for the production of pallet planks. The company’s main

activities are:

• round wood processing

• sale of sawn timber and various wood products.

The main activity of the company is the trade and production of pallet planks (EUR pallet planks) and pallet

beams. Our main products are pallet blanks: double-cut pallet boards and beams. We offer our customers

both freshly sawn and dried timber blanks for pallet boards.

Medieva, UAB has an excellent, youthful team that successfully develops trade in and outside Lithuania.

The company works at constantly increasing its production capacity and exports its products to other

countries. We seek to meet the needs of our customers and pay special attention to product quality and

timely delivery.

Medieva, UAB processes about 50,000 m3 of roundwood annually.

Why us?


Our company has been financially stable and rapidly expanding since 2011.


We are focused on being the best in wood processing, preform manufacturing and trade.


We employ skilled professionals who know their job well.

Our team

Our company has a professional team of specialists. Most of our staff are employees trained in their field. Our goal is to create a safe working environment for each of our employees, along with an opportunity to expand their knowledge.

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